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Choosing The Right Nicotine Content For Your Device

Choosing The Right Nicotine Content For Your Device

It’s difficult enough as it is kicking the habit for good without getting the nicotine content you are used to, which is why we’ve put together this short blog to help you get the right nicotine hit from the device you are using, avoiding harsh hits or unsatisfying nicotine content.


High Powered Devices

High powered devices like box mods and sub ohm devices will require an e-liquid with a lower nicotine content. This is because they produce a significantly higher amount of vapour. If you have just switched from a device with a low power output like a pen or pod and have been using 10ml liquids that typically come with a high amount of nicotine (eg. 18mg, 12mg, 8mg), using these in a high powered device might cause a harsh throat hit, due to the amount of nicotine. We would suggest starting at 3mg and increasing the amount if needed. This can be easily achieved with Short Fills or Bottle Shots by simply adding extra nicotine shots. See the instructions on our product pages or on the labels to learn more about how much nicotine you need to add to reach your desired nicotine content.


Low Powered Devices

 Yep, you guessed it, the opposite applies to low powered e-cigarettes like pens and pod devices. The 3mg - 6mg liquids you would typically use in a high powered box mod or sub ohm device may be unsatisfying in something with a lower power output. These compact devices are best used with a higher nicotine content to ensure you are getting as much as you are used to from cigarettes.


Harsh Nicotine

 If you are still getting cravings but have noticed the nicotine amount in your e-liquid is causing a harsh hit, you may want to look into nicotine salts. Salts will give a more intense nicotine hit and a smoother inhale. Nicotine salts can be used in any device and come in ready to vape e-liquids, usually in a high strength 10ml bottle or you can purchase 20mg nic salt shots to add to your short fill or bottle shot. Read more about what makes Nic salts a great option here.


Throat Hit

 If you would like more of a throat hit from your vapour but do not want to increase the nicotine amount, try an e-liquid with a higher PG content. Most liquids tell you on the label what the VG/PG ratio is. A higher PG ratio will give you more of a throat hit and tend to be used in devices with low power or for those not looking for thick clouds of vapour. Most of our ready made e-liquids come with a higher VG ratio, but if you are mixing your own e-liquid using Bottle Shots or Flavour Concentrates, you can mix your VG/PG ratio to meet your requirements.


We hope this short blog helps you find that sweet spot with the nicotine in your e-liquid in relation to the device you are using. For more helpful tips and tricks from the DarkStar team, check out the rest of our blog here.

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