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Can I make changes/add items to my order after it has been placed?
We’ve set up our packaging and shipping process to make sure that every order goes out perfectly. Part of this process means that we don’t change an order once it has been placed. Instead, you can simply cancel your order, then make a new one with your correct products.

How do I cancel my order?
If we haven’t dispatched your order yet, you can cancel it by emailing us at (don’t forget to include your order number). If your order has already been dispatched, we can still refund your order- please return it to us, unopened, and we’ll get your order cancelled. We unfortunately cannot refund return shipping costs.

We cannot provide cancellation refunds for orders containing Nicotine products as they degrade during return transit.



How long will it take for my order to be dispatched?
We’re dedicated to same-day dispatch on orders that are placed before 3:30pm on a weekday. If you place your order outside of this time (or on a bank holiday) we’ll dispatch your order on the next working day. Orders marked as “Processing” in your “My Account” page have not yet been shipped. Orders marked as “Fulfilled” have been dispatched.

Will I be notified when my order has been dispatched?
Yep! We’ll shoot you a notification email once we’ve dispatched your order. You should also receive your tracking information within this notification email. If your order is on the heavier side, you may receive tracking information from one of our other shipping partners.  

Which delivery service do you use?
We’ll select from our shipping partners based on the weight, size, and price of your order. Your delivery will always be a tracked, next-day service, and if you’ve spent over £40 it’ll be free. You’ll receive tracking information as soon as we’ve dispatched your order.

Why has my order not arrived yet?
Your order will usually arrive within 1 working day of dispatch. On the chance your delivery runs into an unexpected delay, your order may take an extra day or two to get to you.

Either way, we’ll be there for you until your order is in your hands. You can email us at any time at and we’ll get you an update from our shipping partners (don’t forget to include your full name, order number, tracking number, and the address you had it shipped to).



How can I calculate what quantities I need for my mix?
There are many ways to calculate your mix. A popular tool used by new and experienced mixologists alike comes in the form of the e-liquid-recipes calculator.

If you’re on Facebook, you can visit the DarkStar Community. Our 20,000+ member community is administrated by DarkStar staff. Our Moderators, Group Experts, and community members can provide you with any in-depth advice you may need.

If you’re looking for more in-depth advice on our products, you can email us and receive a response from one of our product experts or staff mixologists.

What do I need for DIY mixing?
The answer to this question varies from person to person. Once you’ve got your concentrates and dilutant, you can find a lot of the essentials needed for mixing over in our Accessories section. We’d recommend picking up some measuring syringes and a few empty bottles to mix into if you’re just getting started.
You can compare techniques and recipes with other DIY mixers over on our Facebook Community.



What are DarkStar Bottle Shots?
We’ve designed Bottle Shots to give you the freedom of DIY mixing without needing to measure and mix with equipment.

We dispense the perfect shot of one of our award-winning recipes into a 250ml bottle. You’re then free to add nicotine, flavouring, enhancers, dilutant, and anything else you desire up to the suggested fill line before shaking and steeping.

We ship every Bottle Shot with dropper cap for easy dispensing into your hardware.

Tip 1: Adding your dilutant last will make sure you don’t overfill your Bottle Shot by mistake.
Tip 2: We recommend pairing your Bottle Shot with a Base Mix of the same volume to avoid running out of dilutant.

What are DarkStar Short Fills?
Short Fills are 120ml dropper bottles filled 20ml short of their maximum capacity, hence the name. We’ve steeped the flavour inside to its intended taste, all that’s left for you to do is fill the remaining 20ml with either nicotine or dilutant to complete the e-liquid.

Tip: Most people who buy Short Fills fill them with 2 DarkStar Nicotine Shots, resulting in a completed 3mg ready-to-vape e-liquid.

What are DarkStar One Shots?
One Shots contain the flavour concentrate of one of our award-winning recipes. Intended for use with DIY or large-batch mixing, you can refer to the ‘Mix %’ stated on the side of the side of the bottle as a reference when calculating your final mix ratios.

Tip: When mixing with flavour concentrates, we recommend measuring with syringes.

How do I use DarkStar Nicotine Shots?
You can refer to our handy chart below when deciding on how many 10ml, 18mg/ml Nicotine Shots to use with your product.

Tip: Save, print, or bookmark this image to use it as a convenient cheat sheet!



DarkStar Laboratory

What is DarkStar Laboratory?
DarkStar Laboratory (often lovingly referred to as ‘DS Labs’ or ‘Labs’ by our community) is a frequently rotating range of limited stock, pre-release flavours created by our mixologists and tested by our product development team.

We create and test hundreds of new recipes annually. Three of the best are chosen each month and released in Bottle Shot format for our customers to provide feedback on.

The most well received of these flavours will earn the title of ‘laboratory approved’, becoming a permanent fixture in one of our product ranges or brands.

DarkStar Laboratory is about excitement, experimentation, and giving our community a voice in which flavours we release.

When are new Laboratory flavour released?
Three new flavours are released in limited quantities on the last Thursday of each month.

How do you choose which flavours will become ‘laboratory approved’?
Quite a few factors go into awarding a flavour ‘laboratory approved’ status. To simplify, Laboratory flavours with a high number of positive reviews tend to become a permanent product in either DarkStar, Lickwid, DSV, or Cosmix product lines.

You can view our full offering of previously approved flavours here.  


How do I set up a wholesale account?
Email us your brand/company name as well as the type of product and quantity you’d be interested in stocking and we’ll be straight back in touch. We verify each new business customer to make sure we’re complying with regulations.

Contact/Business Hours

How can I get in touch?
The only way to get in touch with us for support is by contacting our team via We answer any email sent before 4pm on a weekday.
What are your business times?

We’re in the labs and shipping orders every weekday as standard.

Still need a hand?

You can view our specific policies for more information below or email our labs at

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