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Introducing Juice Cabin & Simply Leaf

Introducing Juice Cabin & Simply Leaf

We're proud to announce that Juice Cabin and Simply Leaf are joining the DarkStar family of brands. Today we’re looking at Juice Cabin, its founder, legacy, and how they brought Simply Leaf and Naturally Extracted Tobacco to the Yorkshire vape market.

In the early months of 2015, Les Pickin, a man now remembered for his bold taste and northern charm, opened the doors to Juice Cabin in Yorkshire with the aim of supplying properly brewed juice to local markets.

During the development of their brand and fan-favourite ‘Classics’ range, Juice Cabin began slow-steeping tobacco leaves in propylene glycol- a process that extracts the flavours of the leaf into a vapable liquid and creates the taste of traditional tobacco in modern liquid form. Once the first flavours were done extracting, Simply Leaf was born. A now renowned range of Naturally Extracted Tobacco products (or NETs for short).

Cut to present day and Juice Cabin and Simply Leaf have joined the DarkStar family of brands, now operating out of our HQ in the heart of Yorkshire with the same traditional methods of brewing their juice and ensuring that Les’ legacy continues. 

Juice Cabin Classics

Juice Cabin Classics are the very best of Juice Cabin’s original e-juice range. Available in both Short Fills and Concentrates, there's something to suit everyone, all expertly brewed to the highest possible standards from the same fan loved recipes. 


Simply Leaf – Naturally Extracted Tobacco and Hybrids

Quality tobacco leaves from across the globe are slow-steeped in pure propylene glycol, slowly extracting every ounce of flavour into the liquid, the end result is a beautiful collection of Naturally Extracted Tobacco e-liquid which can be vaped as-is, or be combined with more modern flavour extracts to create Hybrid flavours.

Our Pure NETs and Hybrids are available as Long Fills, Concentrates, Bottle Shots and Short Fills - something for everyone!

We’re excited to welcome Juice Cabin and Simply Leaf into our family of brands and to be able to bring you truly unique products from brands with huge heritage.


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