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Introducing our new look...

Introducing our new look...

DarkStar has a new look.

We’re approaching our 10th year of supplying e-liquid enthusiasts with original products direct from our laboratory in York, and what a decade it’s been...

While we’re continuing to test and release new flavours and products with our community, we thought it a good time to pause, look back, and update our style to better suit what we’ve grown into as a business.

Rest assured: our flavours, recipes, and ingredients have not changed. Your favourite flavours will still have the same award-winning taste you love.


Why the change?

We’ve grown over the last decade. A lot.

What started as a one-room, single product operation has expanded into a fully fledged laboratory environment and supply store with design, research, and taste testing teams working to produce over 500 e-liquid products across dozens of brands and product types.

As we released new products, we’ve needed to adapt branding that was built for one purpose into something entirely new. Doing this time and time again resulted in visuals that didn’t always carry our brand how we’d like.

We decided to start from scratch to create a new look with our familiar black and white style. Ultimately unifying our products, community, information, and standards across our entire brand, and presenting them in a standard that matches our award-winning products.


Whats changed?

As far as function is concerned- the experience you have when mixing with DarkStar, the bottle sizes and platforms, all remain the same, so you’ll have no adjustments when it comes to your usual mixing flow.

In terms of visuals- pretty much everything, we’ve updated our look in three primary areas:

  1. Our new logo (and new supporting product branding)


Clean and classy, our new logo updates our old styling to our current standards and marks everything with the DarkStar standard- Enthusiast grade, independent, award-winning vape supply.

darkstar sub logo gif

Our support branding helps identify exactly where you are within the DarkStar ecosystem. From Bottle Shots and base mixes to safety data sheets and instructions. These are standardised across the DarkStar brand, so you’ll never be at a loss to whats in front of you.


  1. Our products (and how they convey information)

We’ve made some changes to bring more consistency to our products and how they display important information about whats inside.

In short, we’ve divided most of our bottle covers into three distinct sections:

  • The face of our products now displays everything about the product at a glance. Flavour, type, volume, fill percentages, and of course our vibrant illustrations. 

  • The upper side portion has detailed information about the use of the product, steep times, mix percentages, notes, etc. Things for general use of the product.

  • The lower side section holds Safety information, warning symbols, and contact information. Most of our standardised and important information about our products will be here.
bottle layout

This allows you quicker access to information across our entire offering for easier mixing and tracking of your personal stock. Some products (like our Nicotine products or high-capacity containers) have a slightly different styling or layout to prioritise essential warnings and safety information to customers, which leads us to the next major update to our look…


  1. Our conveyance of safety and information (fonts, cross-brand safety, future safety sheets)

Part of our continuation of setting the enthusiast standard of vaping is to set our own standards of safety. While other independent brands may simply apply the minimum safety standards as set by regulation- we believe it our duty to streamline this information to be as easy to access and understand as possible.

We’ve standardised the fonts and icons used in our bottle safety information in our continued pursuit to be as up to date and regulation compliant as possible, appearing in the same places with the same level of clarity on every product. In the coming months this standard will be carried through to our sub-brands as well, with brands like Lickwid, DSV, and COSMIX receiving the same standardisation for the safety and convenience of our customers.

Along with these changes will come the access and standardisation of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). While these documents will continue to be available to anyone upon request, they will soon be available at the click of a button through the DarkStar Index system, which will be our most information-rich product deep dive to date.


Whats next?

You can expect immediate changes to almost all DarkStar branded products and materials that you see. To avoid unnecessary waste during the transition some products may still hold our old branding while we burn down old stock, but we don’t expect the switch to take very long.

We’ll also be updating some classic DarkStar flavours with new illustrations, following in the footsteps of our recently refreshed classics Athena and Cerberus.

During the switch our internal team will be available to answer any questions you may have, you can shoot any questions over to for clarification, or check our FAQ for answers there.

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