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New to Vaping? Start Here!

New to Vaping? Start Here!

New here? Hi! 

We’re happy to see you - and eager to simplify the transition to vaping for you. Most first time vapers are here to try and kick that smoking habit for good, but the sheer amount of tech, new products and even new slang can be overwhelming at first.

Let us give you a hand. 

Which product should I start with?

Short Fills are great. On their own they contain no nicotine at all, but there is space at the top (i.e. they are 'filled short') so you can add nicotine in the form of Nicotine Shots (often shortened to nic shots).
Simply add your preferred amount of nicotine (usually one or two 10ml nic shots) and you’re good to go! We recommend giving the liquid 24 hours to steep so that the nicotine settles properly.

Short Fills are generally used in devices with a high-power output (not a standard pen/beginner device) as the amount of vapour produced by these compensates for the lower nicotine strengths found in liquids usually on supermarket shelves, which sometimes reach as high as 18mg.
You’ll also get a lot more for your money buying Short Fills rather than 10ml bottles.

If you are using a pen or pod device, we recommend checking out our Nic Salt E-liquid range!


Which nic shots should I choose?
Our 10ml nic salts are specifically designed to be used in ‘pen’ or ‘pod’ devices like the Uwell Caliburn. These come in strengths of 10mg or 20mg for lower powered devices. ‘Nic Salt’ liquids contain a form of nicotine that is absorbed faster into the body. This gives you a stronger and longer lasting nicotine hit, similar to that of a cigarette, which is key if you are a transitioning smoker. There’s no need to add anything to them, they come ready to vape.

To learn more about nic salts, check out our short blog here.

Which flavour should I start with?
If you’ve had a quick browse through our website before reading this blog, you’ve probably noticed that we have a large amount of flavours to choose from. If you have started vaping in an attempt to quit smoking, you might want your vaping experience to be similar to smoking so that you don’t miss what you had and revert back to cigarettes.  We’ve listed some of our most popular tobacco and menthol flavours below to get you started:

Barrel Aged Tobacco
Vanilla Tobacco
DSV Soft Mints

Alternatively, if you prefer the idea of fruity flavours, here are two of our bestsellers:

Darkstar Athena (Strawberry Kiwi Bubblegum)
DSV Berry Bomb

If you want to try something new or different, our range is always expanding. From single fruit flavours to complex desserts, tobacco, beverages and much more; there’s something for everyone!


Where can I get tips/advice?
We’re very proud of our Facebook Community - an active hub of vapers offering tips, advice and suggestions to one another, not to mention sharing their favourite DS products and launching campaigns for much-loved Labs flavours to become permanent products.
Whether it’s a question on hardware, DIY or flavours, our community’s got you covered.

Planet of the Vapes is also a great resource - a huge forum made up of vapers from all over sharing their expertise and chatting about any number of topics, from vape-related news to vapemail.

Plus, you can always send us an email at, or drop into our live chat feature and we’ll be able to help!


We hope this short blog helps shed some light on some of the products that we offer and you can kick smoking to the curb for good!

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