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WS-23 - Everything You Need To Know

WS-23 - Everything You Need To Know

Alright folks, hold on to your hats because we're about to dive deep into the world of WS-23. Now, WS-23 may sound like a fancy code name for a secret agent, but it's actually a chemical found in E-Liquid that gives you that cooling sensation. It's like Menthol, but without the taste.


But here's the kicker, WS-23 has no odour or flavour. Yeah, you heard that right. You can add this bad boy to your ejuice without altering the taste at all. We provide ws-23 as a PG based concentrate which, when added to an e-liquid recipe will provide a physiological cooling sensation. And let's be real here, who doesn't want to feel cool as a cucumber?


WS-23 is a powerhouse component of the vaping industry and has single-handedly catapulted many brands into the limelight. It's not the strongest coolant out there, but trust us, it's the most popular for a reason. It provides the cleanest, most well-rounded cooling hit available.


Now, here's the best part. You can add WS-23 to ANY flavour. Literally, any. Think of a flavour. Any flavour. Bet you can't think of one that WS-23 wouldn't work with. I tried it and hit a wall. So, if you've got a flavour that's not doing it for you, just add some WE-23 and voila, it's like a whole new flavour. Add 0.2 - 4% WS-23 liquid at a time to your ejuice, shake it up, and vape. Not cool enough? Add some more. It's that easy.


You can use WS-23 to add varying degrees of a "cool effect" to your vape juice depending on how strong you want it. Want it ice cold? Just add more. Want to keep it chill but not too cold? Add a little less. The possibilities are endless, my friends. It's so strong, you don't need much of it at all. So, a little goes a long way. Plus, it's relatively cheap. Yes, you heard that right. You can be cool without breaking the bank.


So, if you're looking to add a little extra coolness to your vape juice, WS-23 is the way to go. It's even used in chewing gum and food & drinks. And get this, it gets its name from Wilkinson Sword, the creator. How cool is that? Now go forth and add some chill to your life with WS-23.

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