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WS-23 - Everything You Need To Know

WS-23 - Everything You Need To Know

Hold on to your hats, we’re about to dive deep into the world of WS-23. A lot cooler than it sounds (hard to imagine), it’s a chemical found in e-liquid that gives you a cooling sensation. Imagine menthol, just without the taste!          

WS-23 has no odour or flavour at all, which means you can add it to your e-liquid without altering the taste whatsoever. Our WS-23 is a PG based concentrate that will add a cooling sensation when added to any e-liquid. And let’s be real here, who doesn’t want that?

WS-23 is a powerhouse component of the vaping industry and has single-handedly catapulted many brands into the limelight. It's not the strongest coolant out there, but trust us, it's the most popular for a reason. It provides the cleanest, most well-rounded cooling hit available. 

Now, the best part is that you can add WS-23 to ANY flavour. Literally anything. There isn’t a single flavour out there that it doesn’t work with. It’s probably the most powerful tool in your mixing arsenal.
If you've got a flavour that's not doing it for you, just add some WS-23 and voila, it's like a whole new juice. 


What is WS-23 (chemically)? 
If we’re getting science-y, WS-23 is just another name for N,2,3-trimethyl-2-isopropylbuytamide. It’s originally a white powder, but we work a little magic and dilute it in PG to create the clear liquid that you know and love.

What’s the difference between WS-23 and Koolada?
They’re similar, so we don’t blame you for mixing the two up, but really these are more cousins than siblings. Here’s a few ways they differ:
-  WS23 offers a stronger cooling sensation than Koolada

- Koolada has a slight minty or cooling flavour in higher concentrations, whereas WS23 is tasteless

- WS23 is a synthetic compound, but Koolada is made from menthol and modified

How do I use WS-23?
Add 0.2 - 4% WS-23 liquid at a time to your e-liquid, shake it up, and vape. Not cool enough? Add some more. It's that easy. We’d recommend using a syringe to help you keep your mixing accurate.

 What should I add WS-23 to? (DS recommends)

We love adding WS-23 to most things, but these flavours really shine:

Which products already contain Koolada?
Whether you’re looking for those icy cool flavours or determined to steer clear altogether, you’ll notice on our Bottle Shots page that you can actually apply a filter for it. Select either ‘no Koolada’ or ‘contains Koolada’ and you’re off!

So, if you're looking to add a little extra coolness to your vape juice, WS-23 is the way to go. It's even used in chewing gum and food & drinks. And get this, it gets its name from Wilkinson Sword, the creator. How cool is that? Now go forth and add some chill to your life with WS-23.

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Tiffany Cady - March 19, 2024

I’m wondering if you have to put this in pg/vg mixture. I bought it concentrated and I don’t really know.

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