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Base Mix

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£2.95 - £7.95
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Size: 250ml
VG/PG Ratio: Original - High VG

DarkStar E Liquid Base Mix

DarkStar's E Liquid Base Mix is crafted to provide the ideal foundation for your custom e liquid creations. Perfectly compatible with DarkStar Bottle Shots, One Shots and Long Fills, this nicotine-free e liquid base is your gateway to a personalised vaping journey.

Purity & Excellence

Focused on purity and excellence, DarkStar ensures superior vaping with its e liquid base components. Our vegetable glycerine has a purity level of over 99.7% and EP grade certification, delivering a voluminous vapour. The propylene glycol in our e liquid base meets USP grade standards, embodying the highest quality and safety.

Personalise Your Blend with Two Unique Ratios

DarkStar's E Liquid Base offers two distinct VG/PG mix ratios to cater to different preferences. Choose our Original - High VG E Liquid Base for dense clouds and deep flavours, ideal for a smooth vaping experience. For a balanced throat hit and clear flavours, our 70/30 E Liquid Base achieves a perfect balance, allowing for versatile vaping.

Simple Use for Tailor-Made Vaping 

Utilising DarkStar E Liquid Base Mix is a breeze: just fill your Bottle Shot with your preferred number of nicotine shots, then your chosen e liquid base, shake well, and enjoy vaping tailored specifically to your preferences. Our commitment to quality ensures that your vaping is not just enjoyable, but a premium indulgence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which ratio should I use to get a 50/50 mix?

A: If you are using Base Mix with Bottle Shot or Long Fill products, choose 70/30 base mix to reach a final ratio of 50/50. This is because around 20% of your product is made up of PG based flavour concentrates.

Q: Which ratio should I use for a 70/30 mix?

A: Use the high VG ratio to reach a final ratio of 70/30. 

Q: What is the difference between VG and PG?

A: VG is a thick, slightly sweet tasting liquid that produces large clouds of vapour and offers a smoother throat hit. On the other hand, PG is a thinner, tasteless, and odourless liquid that provides a stronger throat hit, resembling the sensation of smoking tobacco. It also carries flavours more effectively, resulting in a more intense taste.

Q: What device should I use for a high VG ratio e liquid?

A: High VG ratio e liquids are best suited for sub-ohm devices. These devices are designed to operate at lower resistances and can properly vaporise the thicker VG-based e liquids.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
DIY must have

Excellent quality base mix have used litres of this during my time mixing up bottle shots and most recently pod fog. Cuts mix time substantially.


I started using High VG to make a 70/30 mix. So simple. Pick your bottleshot flavour, add your required amount of nicotine shots...your choice how many depending on the strength you want, then fill with base mix, good shake, your done (steep for recommended time for enhanced flavour). This is the only brand that doesn't give me headaches and I have been using it for years.

Best you will get

Tis base mix is spot on. I highly doubt you will find better. It makes life simple, you can't go wrong mixing your concentrates with this base. Also the speed of delivery and exceptional customer service from DarkStar is second to none.

Best of the best!

I have been making my own liquid for about 2 years now and recently placed my first order with Darkstar. Lots of people were saying that its awesome so I wanted to give it a go.
The quality of this base mix is just amazing and nothing like anything else I have purchased.
I am now a loyal customer and will never shop for my DIY liquid anywhere else.

Makes things so much easier!

For a beginner like myself, this is perfect. I don't spend a load of time measuring and mixing etc so I love having a bottle of this to hand to just add to my mix. Such a great idea and makes things simple.