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Blueberry Custard - Bottle Shot®

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Embark on a culinary odyssey with Blueberry Custard. A harmonious blend, where the lush notes of ripe blueberries gracefully complement the richness of velvety custard. Don't miss out on this delightfully mischievous escape from the ordinary.

Our Blueberry Cream Custard Bottle Shot contains 50ml (20%) of concentrate to make 250ml of finished liquid.

1. Add nic shots (if you're using them)

 If using 10ml Nicotine Shots (18mg):
2 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 1.5mg Total
4 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 3mg Total
8 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 6mg Total

2. Top up to the 'shoulder' of the bottle with base mix. We recommend our Original Base Mix for a 70/30 ratio.
3. Give it a good shake
4. The most important part - let it steep. For our Blueberry Cream Custard Bottle Shot, we'd give it 6 weeks for maximum flavour.
5. Enjoy!

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