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Blueberry (Wild) - Flavour Concentrate

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£3.50 - £72.00
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Size: 30ml

Use our wide range of flavour concentrates to mix and match and create your own unique blends!

TFA Blueberry (Wild) is an intense, full flavoured Blueberry Flavour that is used in the world renowned Blue Custard. This flavour is perfect for adding a full-bodied Blueberry taste. Please note that this flavour, like many others, is prone to fading. You can avoid this by adding it to your recipe, shortly before its finished steeping, or topping up the blueberry by 0.5% before vaping.

Remember, taste is subjective. We recommend using TFA Blueberry (Wild) in recipes at approximately 3-5%, and for single flavour recipes at 10-12%.