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Orange & Mango - One Shot

by DSV
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£6.49 - £109.95
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Size: 30ml

Experience the deliciously tropical, tangy essence of ripe florida mangoes, blended with the juice from only the zestiest freshly squeezed oranges.

Our One Shots are intended for DIY and large batch mixing. They are essentially flavour concentrates, mixed by us at DarkStar to create a delicious final recipe by adding extra ingredients like VG, PG and nicotine.

  1. Measure out your one shot. For Orange & Mango, we recommend that it takes up 20% of your recipe.
  2. Add your next ingredients: the desired nicotine amount and preferred VG/PG ratio until you have created a finished product.
  3. Shake thoroughly and leave to steep! We'd give it at least 24 hours for maximum flavour.
  4. Enjoy!
** Remember - our One Shots are PG based concentrates, so you'll need to account for that when coming up with your recipe so that you get the final VG/PG ratio that you're looking for.

Customer Reviews

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Nice flavour if done right

First mixed this at 20%, 70vg, 3mg and left to steep. The flavour was nice but I found it a little harsh on the throat. Mixed second batch again at the same ratios although added a few drops of ethyl maltol and this seems to have helped with the harshness. Preferably I'd probably add some ws23 to this but I'd ran out at the time.