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Scones - Bottle Shot®

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Award-Winning in the E-Liquid: Best Dessert category, in the EcigClick 2021 Awards!

Scones are back, and they're as beautiful as the rolling English countryside. Freshly baked scones, thick clotted cream and a signature blend of strawberry and raspberry jams. Pair with a perfectly brewed cup of tea.

New, improved and available forever!

Our Scones Bottle Shot contains 50ml (20%) of concentrate to make 250ml of finished liquid.

1. Add nic shots (if you're using them)

 If using 10ml Nicotine Shots (18mg):
2 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 1.5mg Total
4 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 3mg Total
8 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 6mg Total

2. Top up to the 'shoulder' of the bottle with base mix. We recommend our 70/30 base mix
3. Give it a good shake
4. The most important part - let it steep. For our Scones Bottle Shot, we'd give it 4 weeks for maximum flavour.
5. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Absolutely Amazing

I've seen plenty of other customers recommend Scones! But I've only just got around to trying it's now one of my favourite liquids!
You can definitely taste the Strawberry and Raspberry when you first try it, then the lovely notes of the cream follows with a hint of a buttery flavour note. Definitely going to be ordering more of this as I can't get enough of it.

Lovely flavour

Can't believe I waited until my fourth order to eventually try scones. After all the good reviews definitely wasn't disappointed. Not really tried anything but fruity flavours but wow don't know how these guys do it. The exhale is just delicious takes me back to my granny baking scones in her kitchen.

Simply Awsome

Great vape,my New ADV

William Patton
Suprisingly Accurate

I had an idea in my mind about how this would taste but it exceeded my expectation. It is buttery, creamy and I was surprised that the strawberry jam could be tasted. Each of the flavours can be picked out easily.

The image shows a sort of brownish colour but mine came out BRIGHT yellow. I ordered this as a one-shot first and then as a bottle shot. Mixed at 20% - it tastes fine right after mixing. Better after 2 weeks but really ended up being at peak flavour around the 6-week point.

Scones are ready!

I had puffed on various menthol flavours for many years. I persisted with menthol because it was always a consistent flavour. I finally got bored and wanted a new flavour. Tried lots of slushes, fruits, ry4s, and so on. Picked up a bottle shot of scones. Mixed up at 3% nic and left to steep for the recommended 4 weeks. Oh my God!! Never tasted anything so great, after all these years I have found my perfect all day vape. Cant get enough of the stuff, its absolutely fantastic, delicious and I never get bored of it. Dont contemplate just get it, you wont be disappointed at all. Thx Darkstar, you have taken this flavour to the next level and I dont see how you can possibly make anything better