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Can E-Liquid Go Bad?

Can E-Liquid Go Bad?

E-liquid is ‘shelf stable’, meaning it takes a long time to expire. A finished e-liquid product is usually good for around 2 years before it reaches a point where it should not be vaped. So when you drag out that bottle of Scones that you put in the cupboard to steep and forgot about a few years back, you should think twice before cracking it open.

Propylene Glycol (one of the main ingredients in e-liquid) is commonly used in food production as a preservative, naturally preventing degradation over time. Similarly, Vegetable Glycerine also has qualities that lends itself to a long shelf life. Whilst these ingredients have a long shelf life and will preserve the final product, when mixed with flavour concentrates and nicotine, it will go bad eventually and over time the flavour in your juice may start to taste different or taste like nothing at all.


Can I Vape Expired E-Liquid?

There’s no evidence to show that vaping expired e-liquid is bad for you but you will not get the intensely awesome flavours you are used to with your DarkStar products! You may also find that if the product contains nicotine, it could have degraded over time, giving you a harsh, unpleasant throat hit. So, all e-liquid will go bad eventually, but what can we do to make sure it doesn’t expire before its time?


How to Store Your E-Liquid

To prevent you juice from going bad prematurely, it is important to store it properly whilst not in use or whilst steeping. Make sure your liquid is stored upright, with the cap firmly on (liquid does not like being exposed to too much oxygen) and in a cool, dark and dry environment like a cupboard. Sunlight and heat can cause chemicals in your liquid to break down and ultimately expire faster than usual.

To summarise, yes your e liquid can expire. This doesn’t mean you cannot vape it but you will not get the optimum vaping experience you are used to from your DarkStar products. Make sure you store your e-liquid properly to avoid them going bad prematurely.

We hope this short blog post helps shed some light on e-liquid expiry. To learn more about the ingredients of e-liquid, check out the rest of our blog here.

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