Almost all liquids are made from 4 main ingredients; Flavour Concentrates, Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol and Nicotine. Depending on your preference and what kind of device you are using, some liquids may not be the best match your chosen device.

Choosing the wrong ratio e-liquid for your device could result in unpleasant throat irritation or wicking issues, causing dry hits. Check out our quick guide below to make sure you are buying the right liquid for your device.

High VG Liquids

High VG liquids are most popular with vapers that use powerful ‘direct to lung’ devices, heating liquid to a higher temperature, and those who want high vapour production from their mod, making them ideal for ‘cloud chasing’. Pen devices and pods are generally considered unsuitable for high VG liquids as the coils cannot cope with the thicker liquid and this will result in nasty dry hits and having to change your coils more frequently.

High PG Liquids

High PG Liquids are ideal for pod devices and pens. High PG can also give the throat hit similar to that of cigarettes that ex-smokers crave to simulate the experience of smoking. It’s also worth bearing in mind that PG carries flavour better, so if you want to get the most out of your flavour, consider switching up your PG content.

50/50 Liquids

50/50 liquids are the best of both worlds. If you are struggling to get your ratio right, 50/50 might be the place to start as they can be used with pretty much any device, with an added bonus of more flavour than high PG liquids and more vapour production than high PG.

High Nicotine Content

Most people start off their vaping journey with a vape pen and liquid with a high nicotine content, usually purchased as 10ml bottles. These generally come in 8-20mg nicotine and do not require a device with a high-power output and vapour production as this would result in a harsh throat hit.

Coils & Sub Ohm Vaping

If you have chosen a high VG liquid, try to find a coil with a lower resistance (preferably a sub ohm coil) to run at a higher power. If your coil isn’t running at a high power, this could result in a an unsatisfying vape. If you are using a high PG liquid in a sub ohm tank, you could end up with leaks from the tank and burning of liquid.Lower resistance (ohms) need more power and therefore would need liquid with a higher VG ratio.Higher resistance (ohms) require less power and would suit a higher PG ratio liquid.

We hope this short blog helps shed some light on why you may not be getting the best experience from your liquid/device. Check back for more tips from the DarkStar team.