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The DarkStar Vape Community 21+

The DarkStar Vape Community 21+

Ever wanted to connect with fellow vape enthusiasts with an interest for great flavour and all things vaping? The DarkStar Vape Community 21+ Facebook group is the place for you. 

If you are just starting your journey into DIY e-liquid, it’s understandable that you will have some questions. Our community group is a judgement free zone where you can get your questions answered, or just come for a chat with like-minded people.

Got a question about a DarkStar product? Want opinions or recommendations from our customers before you commit to purchasing? There’s 17,000 other members on hand for friendly advice and conversation. 

Keep up to date with new DarkStar products with regular updates and live streams from our expert admins and moderators, who are active in the group as much as physically possible.

The group is also a massive asset to us as a company as it helps us gauge your reactions to our new products and ultimately give our customers what they want! If you want to see a DarkStar Laboratory product come back as a permanent fixture, the group is a great place to let us know, along with the product review sections on our website. Want to see something we’ve never done before? We take every suggestion on board and develop the best ideas into DS Labs flavours for you to try!

To keep the community a positive environment to discuss vaping, all posts are carefully moderated. We do not tolerate abuse towards other members or posts that go against Facebooks community standards. Other than that, the content is down to you!

Join the DarkStar Vape Community here.

Keep it cloudy.

The DarkStar team

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