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Vaping To Quit Smoking - Honest Advice From DarkStar

Vaping To Quit Smoking - Honest Advice From DarkStar

If you are reading this blog, you're probably considering making the switch to vaping on your journey to kick smoking to the curb. Congrats! You’ve already taken the first step.

You may have read our previous blog ‘5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Vaping’. If not, check it out after you’ve read this for some more in depth advice. In this blog we will try to give an honest opinion and, speaking from experience, give you the best options to go forward and beat the habit for good.

We know how difficult it is to quit smoking. At the start, nothing you try will be the same as a cigarette. Even now, after not touching cigarettes for 5 years, I still get the urge in stressful situations or after a drink or two!

In the past, we would look to less evolved nicotine replacement options, such as nicotine patches, gum, spray or inhalers. Having tried all these alternatives, none have even came close to being as satisfying as my favourite brand of smokes.

Now there is a whole world of resources at our fingertips in the form of e-cigarettes and e-liquid. But how do you make sure you don’t ever go back to smoking? 


Try not to compare vaping to smoking

It won’t be exactly the same, but don’t let that put you off. If you want to cut nicotine out entirely, think of vaping as a replacement for the time being to keep those cravings at bay.

Explore new flavours

Tobacco and menthol flavours not cutting it? If you can’t find something that tastes like your favourite brand, why not go for something entirely different? You might find something you enjoy more.

Change your nicotine strength

If you are finding 18mg nicotine too strong or harsh, change it down to something more manageable or vice versa. If you aren’t getting the nicotine hit you want from your liquid, maybe try nic salts. They can be great for a faster, more intense nicotine hit. To read more about nic salts, check out our blog.

Embrace the technology  

If your pen or pod device has given you all it can and you still want a more satisfying vaping experience, try upgrading to a sub ohm or box mod. These devices will produce more vapour and help give you the feeling that you're missing.

Keep your device in good working order

To avoid a nasty burnt taste, make sure you change your coil regularly and that you are running your device at the correct settings for the coil you are using. Also, keeping your device clean will help it function as it should for the optimum vaping experience.

Think of the money

Studies have shown that smokers who go through a pack a day, spend nearly £4,000 a year on cigarettes. A 250ml bottle of e-liquid from DarkStar can cost as little as £9.95, which could easily last you a month.


We hope this blog helps you in some way to quit smoking for good. Don’t give up on giving up!

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