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Collaboration - DarkStar x Coils by Scott

Collaboration - DarkStar x Coils by Scott

Award winning flavours deserve to be vaped on nothing less than award winning coils. We’ve collaborated with independent coil master Scott Theakston (Coils by Scott) to give his gold standard coils the DarkStar treatment, as well as getting his thoughts on coils, flavour, and his time in the vaping industry.

The Coils

When you buy your DS x CBS coils, you’ll get the same gold-standard coils you’re used to, as well as some new DarkStar inspired packaging and some juicy extras exclusively for DarkStar customers.

Available collaboration products:

-          DS x CBS 0.09 Fraliens [SHOP]

-          DS x CBS 0.12 4 Core Aliens [SHOP]

-          DS x CBS 0.35 Alien Claptons [SHOP]


Getting to know Scott

We sat down and shot some questions over to Scott (from both ourselves and our community) to get to know him and his coil making enterprise a little more, as well as getting his insight into flavour and the state of the industry.


Hey Scott, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! Let’s dive straight into it: Give us a hand check- what are you vaping today? What's your setup?

Hi, it’s my pleasure. Currently I am using an ambitions mods converter and bishop rta for mtl with some 0.72 fused claptons with some 6mg freebase 50/50 juice at 16watts. I am also using a prototype squonker with an RDA for vaping V2 using my 0.14 aliens at 75watts.


How did you get into coil making? Tell us a bit about the history of Coils by Scott.

I got into coil building quite quickly after starting vaping in 2014, as I was fascinated with watching youtube videos of people building coils. I used to visit my local vape shop (The Yorkshire Vaper) and give them out to my friends there.  Someone then asked if they could buy a set, which took me by surprise at the time! Then, Dale the owner of TYV, asked if he could buy some to sell in the shop. From there I thought there wasn't many people selling UK made coils so I made a website and started to advertise them in 2016. I later started to work for TYV and they became my distributor at the time. As time passed I became busier and busier and made the decision to go full time early 2020. 


Busier and busier is nothing but good in this industry. Does this mean you’re planning to expand or offer something other than coils? What does the future hold?

Yes I am planning on expanding into different countries, I just visited vapexpo in France, which was great. I also have a few projects in the works, more will be revealed at a later date! 


Going back to your comment about when you started, I remember the early days of the industry were a real wild-west of companies and products. Anything you miss about those days that you wish would make a comeback or resurgence in popularity?

Vape meets! I really enjoyed going to vape meets and hanging out with like minded people. 


We have a bunch of customers who are ditching the tobacco or have never branched out from stock coils before- mind giving them a basic rundown of why you might want to build your own deck, and what they might run as a ‘starter’ setup?

Flavour, you can’t beat the flavour from a hand built coil! Also they’re much cheaper to maintain. Once you have a set of coils they can last months! All you have to do is re-wick regularly. It’s a win win, better flavour and cheaper! haha . I know dripping isn't for everyone but RTAs are so good now.  So i would recommend a good mod and RTA, be that a high powered mod and large RTA or a compact MTL set up.


I think I already know the answer to this- but what’s your take on the recent surge in disposable hardware? Think it’ll last?

Disposables! This might be controversial but I do believe they have their place in vaping. At the end of the day vaping is all about harm reduction and if someone who is smoking can only quit using a disposable then I say go for it. I do however believe it's down to the shop owners and community to educate people on the long term use of disposables, not only are they expensive but they have a terrible impact on the environment as they can not be recycled. I believe vaping is a journey from starter kit/disposable to a mod and subtank from there you move onto rebuildable and the experience gets better each time. I personally think they’re here to stay. We just need them to be a short term use for each person. 


Now for some questions from and for our community.

What’s the big “how to do” with Mohawks? Are they any better than normal coils?

Personally I don't rate Mohawks, yes they look pretty but I don't believe they have the longevity that people have come to expect from CBS coils. In regards to flavour from a Mohawk I don't think they are any better than a standard alien, certainly not better than a fralien or 4core alien.


Is there a way to engineer a coil to crackle and if so what is it that makes some coils cracklier than others?

Consistency in the outer wrap creates a great crackle.


Any tips for people looking to make their own coils? What do you look out for when choosing your wire?

Practice makes better! It took me a long time to perfect making aliens but the more you practice anything the better you will get. As for wire you need to be using a good quality clean wire that's spooled well. 


Quite an odd question- but our community will want to know: Koolada, or no Koolada?

No Koolada!! 


Thanks for taking some time for us Scott. Want to give a shout out to anybody? Maybe another independent maker, someone making content to look out for, or maybe a member of your own community?

Thank you for the opportunity, I would just like to shout out all my customers that continue to support me as without them I wouldn't be able to do what I love for a job.  


The DarkStar Collaboration Program

We approached Scott for this product collaboration in our pursuit to highlight independent vaper’s and what they bring to our crowded industry. We'll be aiming to shine the light on others in the future through our DarkStar Collaborations program.

To keep up to date with Scott, you can follow Coils by Scott on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or check out their website here.

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