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Short Fills Explained

Short Fills Explained

You may have seen the phrase ‘Short Fill’ whilst browsing e-liquid products. But what exactly is a Short Fill? We’ve put together this short blog to break down everything you need to know about these convenient, money saving products.


Short Fills generally come in 60ml or 100ml bottles and are 0mg e-liquids, meaning they do not contain any nicotine. You will also notice that they are not filled to the top of the bottle. This is where the name ‘Short Fill’ comes from and enables you to add your preferred amount of nicotine.


Why? Good question. The idea behind Short Fills began when; in 2017, TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) laws became more strict in the UK. This meant certain boxes had to be ticked in order for vape companies to continue selling within the law. One such box meant that manufacturers could no longer supply liquids containing nicotine in bottles over 10ml in volume. But with this new rule came a loophole where nicotine free liquids could still be sold in any size and paved the way for Short Fills.


Nicotine Shots

Our 120ml Short Fill bottles will come filled with 100ml of liquid, leaving you with space to add 1 or 2 nicotine shots for a 1.5mg or 3mg nicotine strength in your final product. These shots come in a variety of VG/PG ratios (High VG being thicker and better for higher powered devices and higher PG being a better flavour carrier and more suited to lower powered devices). The base liquid in our Short Fills is already high VG, which means they are great for high powered devices but can be diluted with max PG nicotine shots to create a higher PG ratio if necessary.


Mixing Your Short Fill

The liquid that comes in Short Fills is ready made, so it doesn’t require any steeping. Once you have added your preferred amount of nicotine, it is important to give the bottle a good shake. This is because if the nicotine is not mixed with the base properly and is just sitting on top, when you come to use your flavour for the first time, you may get a higher dose of nicotine than expected.


There you have it! If you are looking for a quick and easy, money saving way to vape, Short Fills may be for you. For more in depth information on DIY e-liquid and e-liquid ingredients, visit our blog!

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