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One Shots Explained

One Shots Explained

By far one of our most popular products, One Shots! Specially formulated flavour concentrates made by DarkStar mixologists and designed to create a delicious and complete e-liquid. But what exactly is the purpose of a One Shot? We've put together this short blog to shed some light on the idea behind these products.


What Are One Shots?
Much like Bottle Shots, One Shots are essentially flavour concentrates, mixed by us at DarkStar to create a delicious final recipe by adding extra ingredients like VG, PG and nicotine.
The difference is that One Shots are sold in volumes of 30ml, 90ml, 250ml and 1000ml and they are 100% filled with flavour concentrates, unlike Bottle Shots which have a pre-measured amount of concentrate which makes up 20% of the bottle and final recipe.  


How Do I Use One Shots?
One Shots require a couple more steps to mix compared to Bottle Shots. This is because you will need to measure out the volume to make up the required percentage of the final mix. We recommend you mix One Shots at 15-25%. The specific recommended percentage for each flavour is displayed on the labels and product pages on our website. The advantage to mixing like this is that you can create virtually any volume of e-liquid you require. 

Once you have measured out your One Shot, it's time to add more ingredients - nicotine (if preferred) and VG/PG - until you have created a finished e-liquid (go you!).

It's important to bear in mind that One Shots are PG based concentrates and to account for this in your calculations to ensure you end up with the final VG/PG ratio you require. To simplify this process, try using an e-liquid calculator!

Now that you have a complete product it's time to steep. This is the process of infusing the flavours and base mix - absolutely necessary to make sure that you’re heading for maximum flavour.
Just shake your bottle thoroughly and place it in a cool, dry area like a cupboard for the time period displayed on the label and the product pages on our website. Practice patience - it’s tempting to crack them open a little early but the wait is truly worth it, we promise. 


And that's it! If you followed these simple steps you should have a delicious DarkStar flavour.
You can now find ALL of our DarkStar original flavours available as One Shot products in a variety of sizes, up to 1000ml! 

We hope this short blog helps you take the next step in your DIY e-liquid journey. For more information and instructional content, check out the rest of our blog. Happy mixing!

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