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#DecadeOfDarkStar Winners Announced!

#DecadeOfDarkStar Winners Announced!

Hi there, vape enthusiasts and mix masters,

Let us set the stage. Picture a little brand with a big dream, a pipette in one hand and a VG bottle in the other, ready to take on the world of DIY e-liquid. Fast forward ten whirlwind years, and here we stand, proud and grateful, celebrating a *Decade of DarkStar*!

We couldn't have done it without our ever-awesome, ever-loyal community. Your passion for creating custom e-liquid, excellent flavour and your dedication to this bounteous biz is the secret ingredient to our success. From the deepest depths of our hearts: THANK YOU.

You guys have supported us through thick and thin, and our gratitude runs deep. Your stories, your feedback, and your shared love for the craft have helped us innovate, expand, and fine-tune the DarkStar experience.

For the past few months, we've been running a little something special – a giveaway to trump all giveaways. The rules were simple: vape, snap, and hashtag #decadeofdarkstar. Your photos flooded in, vibrant and full of life, showcasing all your stellar DarkStar orders and DIY creations.

It's been a blast seeing your setups, your mixes, and your joyous faces. Each post was a ticket to a coveted prize – a year's supply of delicious DarkStar e-liquid!

Drumroll, please... It's time to crown our winners!

It was too difficult to just choose ten so, give a huge round of applause – or better yet, a thunderous cloud of vapour – to the fabulous eleven:

David Reece
Russel Wray
Graeme Tilley
Jack Hargrave
Tony De Tijger
Sammy Sam
Sam Garnham
Glen Wallings
Donna Blakeley
Em Berryman
Rob Loveday

Congratulations to each of you! You've won, not just a year's worth of sublime e-liquid but a seal of exceptional taste in community spirit. Please email to claim your prize.

To everyone else who participated: keep your eyes peeled, as DarkStar is always up to something. More competitions, more giveaways, and a whole lot more of deviously delightful DIY e-liquids await. Trust us—we're just getting started.

Here's to another decade of mixing, innovating, and vaping with style.
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