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Stop The Flavour Ban - Sign The Petition Now

Stop The Flavour Ban - Sign The Petition Now

We know how hard it can be to kick the smoking habit, and how important vaping has become as a less harmful lifeline for so many. That's why the recent push to ban our beloved flavoured e-liquids hits close to home for all of us. It's been heartening, though, to see each of you stand up and make your voices heard against this, where 51% of responses stood against the prospect of a flavour ban in the recent government consultation. Despite the majority opposing the ban, the government appears inclined to proceed regardless.

Flavour is the key that has unlocked the door for countless individuals to move away from cigarettes — a habit that claims over 8 million lives every year, according to the WHO. Your stories, your successes, and your choices matter. That's why this potential ban is about so much more than just flavours; it's personal for all of us.

We're in the thick of a heartfelt fight, with a petition quickly gathering steam, fueled by our shared resolve. Despite our numbers, there's a real risk our voices won't be enough. We’re rallying together once more, pushing back with a new petition that hammers home the message: those flavours you're trying to ban? They're critical for helping people leave cigarettes behind. They're not just optional extras; they're the difference for many in the journey away from smoking.

The proposed ban on e-liquid flavours directly impacts the freedom of choice we strive to offer our customers. We firmly believe that adult vapers deserve the right to select from a variety of flavours, flavours that not only make the transition away from traditional tobacco products more enjoyable but can also play a vital role in maintaining their commitment to a healthier alternative.

The petition against the ban is a testament to the power of individual voices joining together for a common cause. It illustrates the essence of democracy, and at DarkStar, we stand behind this movement wholeheartedly. We urge policymakers to deeply consider the desires expressed by the public—desires for both flavour enjoyment and healthier habits. It is imperative that the intricacies of health policy reflect the nuanced needs of the community. We're calling on decision-makers to not overlook the potential health benefits of flavoured e-liquids that have assisted countless adults in steering clear of combustible tobacco's well-documented dangers.

 Sign the petition now:

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Dave - April 24, 2024

I’ve only just heard about this proposed ban and I’m not sure what’s being targeted, is it just premade flavoured liquids or does it include flavour concentrates for home mixing too? Thanks in advance for any information.

Paul - March 21, 2024

Hi,I think it’s a pathetic response from the vaping community in the UK,not even fifty thousand signatures yet,where are you all.This country wouldn’t dream of banning tobacco the known killer,so in my eyes it’s about the money.
If all sales of vaping products was only sold by vape shops and companies like Darkstar I think we would be in this challenging situation.
Regards Paul

Rich Smith - March 19, 2024

this is a stealth tax, designed to rinse more money out of the population, this is not about getting people off of the fags, this is the government coining in….

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