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Over Flavouring

Over Flavouring

So your DarkStar parcel has arrived, containing a variety of individual flavour concentrates that you’re hoping to make something nice with.

One of your main criticisms of many commercial juices might be that they don’t have enough flavour. You’ve checked the PG & VG content and are sure that the e-liquids have been steeped for an appropriate amount of time, yet they’re still lacking in flavour.

Sometimes this will be down to an inadequate amount of flavouring used in their production. Often e-liquids bought from companies will use the bare amount of flavouring possible to deliver what they deem to be an acceptable vape.

This is because flavouring is the most expensive component in an e-liquid mix, and often the first thing a company will look at reducing to save them money.

Typically, e-liquid mixes can range from 5% all the way up to 30%, although somewhere between 15% and 20% is fairly standard, using ingredients such as The Flavour Apprentice, Flavor West and Capella.

Over flavouring is an easy trap to fall in to. If you have just got into mixing, you’ll probably want your end product to have tons of flavour. You may think that more flavouring will mean more flavour but mixing at high percentages can actually be counterintuitive.

Too much flavour can result in your recipe tasting like nothing but sweet air. If you’re making your own DIY mixes and are using flavouring percentages that regularly exceed 20%, you may want to look at reducing the amount of flavouring you’re using overall.

An e-liquid calculator such as has a handy function built-in function that allows you to adjust the overall flavour percentage. This means it will adjust all of the flavour ingredients within that recipe by equal amounts, maintaining their ratio.

Bizarrely, over flavouring an e-liquid by adding too much flavouring can lead to less taste overall. So, if you’re using a high percentage e-liquid recipe, try reducing the overall percentage as this could make the flavour pop.

At DarkStar, all of our Bottle Shots and Short Fills are designed to deliver the perfect blend of ingredients at exactly the right percentage and ratio, ensuring you end up with a flavoursome experience.

Remember, you can always add additional flavouring if it’s not strong enough for your liking, but it’s not easy to reduce flavouring percentage without having to do some additional calculations that often leave you chasing your own tail.


Click here to browse our wide range of flavour concentrates by flavour profile.

If you would like to learn more about DIY e-liquid mixing, keep an eye on our blog for further updates!

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