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The DarkStar Flavour Development Philosophy

The DarkStar Flavour Development Philosophy

Here at DarkStar we pride ourselves on creating premium, high quality, award winning recipes from the purest ingredients. We believe there is a flavour for everyone.
Something that brings a smile to the face, whether that be a reminder of a nostalgic flavour from childhood, a favourite cocktail or a decadent dessert.
We aim to offer our customers a large range of unique flavours from a variety of different brands that cater to everyone’s taste.


The DarkStar team is made up of vaping enthusiasts from a ‘do it yourself’ background, with a passion for bringing you the most premium flavour profiles on the market.
Created by our team of expert mixologists and meticulously trialed and tested by a committee of seasoned vapers to ensure a superior vaping experience, only the best of our recipes go from concept to final product.


We understand that most vapers are ex-smokers and we take this into account when developing our products. We offer liquids that you can trust, flavours that you will love and a community that will help you through your first step to give up for good.
We source our food grade quality flavour concentrates from market leading suppliers and we use pharmaceutical grade PG & VG to give you peace of mind when making the switch to vaping.


Our customers are our priority. If there’s something they want, we will listen. Whether it is positive feedback or constructive criticism we take every customers needs and concerns on board when developing our products.

If there’s something you would like to see in the DarkStar range, send us an email! We always like to hear your ideas.

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