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Vaping On A Budget

Vaping On A Budget

If you are an ex-smoker you will be aware that smoking itself is an incredibly expensive habit. The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in the UK is around £14.59 and the average smoker will smoke 11-12 per day. That’s £3,195.21 spent on cigarettes per year!

If you’ve already made the switch to vaping, you’ll already know that you’re saving money.

If you have made the switch to vaping you will have probably realised that you are saving money. We’re here to tell you that you may be able to save even more!

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you save your hard-earned money.

Building Your Own Coils

Premade coils can cost a pretty penny if you are a frequent vaper. Instead of using a standard glass tank with premade stock coils, consider investing in an RDA (Rebuildable Drip Atomizer). These are super affordable, starting at around £12 and up to £35 for more advanced models. They work the same way as a standard tank but instead of buying coils from a retailer you can build your own.
To get started you will also need a few other things, including an ohms reader, cotton and tools. If this isn’t your thing or you just don’t have the time or patience, you can buy packs of premade coils to fit your RDA that cost next to nothing compared to those that fit standard tanks.

Short Fills

These days it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying 10ml of e-liquid from behind the counter at your local convenience store or supermarket for a few quid. If you use your e-cigarette often, buying 10ml bottles all the time isn’t sustainable. Short Fills can not only save you a trip but cost a whole lot less for the volume you are receiving. Just top up your Short Fill with a nicotine shot (or two, depending on your desired nicotine strength) and you’re good to go! Short Fills typically come in 50ml or 100ml and once filled are generally 60ml or 120ml.

DIY E-Liquid

Short Fills are a great way to save money but if you want to go one step further, DIY E-Liquid might be for you. Here at DarkStar, we stock all the necessary ingredients to create your own e-liquid. Our Bottle Shots are designed for DIY beginners. They contain a recipe of flavour concentrates that makes up 20 to 30 percent of a 250ml bottle. You can then add your desired amount of nicotine and fill the bottle to the top with base, mix which is made up of PG and VG, or fill with a certain ratio of the two separate products. Check out our blog on VG vs PG to learn more about these products.

Bottle Shots will undoubtedly save you money compared to conventional short fills but if you truly want to go DIY, you can create your own recipes from scratch using flavour concentrates. Mixing your own juice can take a while to get the hang of, particularly getting the percentages correct and knowing how long to steep your e-liquid for, but once you get there you will be able to create your dream blend, unique to your taste…and for a fraction the price of store bought e-liquid! To get started you will need:

We stock a huge range of DIY e-liquid products to help you get started on your journey. If you have any questions or you would like to share, join our online community here!

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