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How To Get The Most Out Of Your E-Liquid

How To Get The Most Out Of Your E-Liquid

You’ve received your latest DarkStar package in the post, but your favourite flavour just isn’t hitting the spot like it should. What do you do?

We’ve put together this short checklist to help you figure out why your favourite flavour isn't packing the punch that you're used to and how to combat weak flavour.


Vaper's Tongue

Also known as vaper's fatigue, vaper's tongue occurs when you are over exposed to taste and smell. It feels like a coating on your tongue, which stops you tasting properly. This can be caused by dehydration and the best way to cure it is to drink more water, reduce the amount of tea or coffee that you consume (as these will make you dehydrated) and avoiding chain vaping so that you do not overwhelm your senses.
You can also try switching to another flavour to give your tastebuds a break from your trusty ADV.


Device Cleanliness

If you haven’t cleaned your device for some time, a build-up of gunk could be causing a lack of flavour. This means you should change your coils regularly and also clean the inside of your tank to avoid deposits of liquid building up over time


E-Liquid Storage

E-liquid is sensitive to light and heat, so the way we store e-liquid can have an effect on flavour. Exposure to heat and light will degrade the flavours over time. To get the most out of your liquid, keep it stored in a cool dry place.


VG:PG Ratio

If you aren’t getting the intense flavour you were hoping for from your product, you should consider the VG PG ratio of the liquid you are using. Liquids with a high VG ratio are great for creating big clouds but aren’t the best for optimum flavour experience. Because PG is thinner in consistency, Vaping a higher PG liquid will allow for better absorption by the wick and give you higher overall flavour.


Changing Coils

Perhaps the most important factor in getting optimal flavour is how regularly you are changing your coils. After some time you will start to experience a burnt taste coming from your coil, or your e-liquid just doesn’t taste like its supposed to. This is due to build up of e-liquid remaining on your coils.


We hope this short blog helps you fight inadequate flavour. For more information on the factors that will affect your vaping experience, read our other blog posts or check out our online community, which is full of helpful tips and tricks from other vaping enthusiasts.

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