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Coils by Scott 4 Core Alien Clapton 0.12

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Crafted by Scott, this pair features 4 Core Alien Clapton coils.

  • Built with 4x28G, alien claptoned with 36G
  • Approximate resistance: 0.12 Ω (Dual Coil)
  • Approximate resistance: 0.24 Ω (Single Coil)
  • 5 wraps
  • 3mm Inner diameter 
  • Full N80

These top-tier coils are handcrafted in the UK from premium materials. Each coil is skillfully made and thoroughly cleaned after production. The 4 Core Alien Claptons deliver intense flavor and produce immense clouds.

Intended for

  • Mechanical mods 
  • High wattage regulated devices.

With proper care and installation, these coils can last over two months.

Why Choose RDA's?

Handmade coils provide superior flavor and are more cost-effective. A single set can last for months, needing only regular re-wicking. It's an excellent value with enhanced flavour and affordability!

Superior Flavour

Handmade coils like these provide a richer, more nuanced flavour compared to standard factory coils. The detailed craftsmanship by Scott ensures you can taste every note and undertone of your e-liquid, enhancing your overall vaping experience.


Once you invest in a set of these robust coils, their longevity means less frequent replacements. Regular re-wicking and proper maintenance can extend their life, making them a more economical choice in the long run.

Enhanced Vapour Production

Not only do these coils amplify flavour, but they also generate impressive clouds, creating a visually stunning vaping experience that is sure to impress both you and those around you.

Installation Tips

Dry Burn - Lightly pulse your coils before wicking to remove any residual oils.

Wicking - Use premium cotton for best results, ensuring it is snug but not overly tight within the coil.

Juice - Prime your wicks thoroughly with your favourite e-liquid to avoid any dry hits.

Scott’s 4 Core Alien Clapton coils are an investment in quality. Their top-tier construction, combined with their ability to provide extraordinary flavor and vapor production, makes them an essential component for any serious vaper. Enjoy the blend of craftsmanship and functionality with these exceptional coils and elevate your vaping sessions to new heights.

DarkStar Team Insights

'Coils by Scott are a game-changer in the world of handmade coils! I've never had flavour this good from my RDA' - Tom

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ben M
0.12 Glorious

The most long standing could I’ve ever used, as well as being ace for high power vaping, after 10 months of daily use at 110w, these were still giving off great flavour.
Finally changed them out of be Steamcrave Aromamizer plus V2 after 11months use

Kevin Adams
Great Scott!

I do not have a bad word to say about these Coils by Scott, I have used these on numerous occasions and they have never let me down!

These are my go to coils that I rock in my 30mm Asgard's on my Odin and Saga, also in my 40mm Valhalla on my Hammer Of God.
The build quality of these is second to none and they fit the RDA's perfect!

I have found with good care and attention these coils can last a good 3-4 months which is amazing compared to some of the competition out there.

Mine ohm out to 0.10 after installation and I vape at a good 120w all day every day.

And if that wasn't enough, you get a great little tub to reuse after :)

Ben M

These are insane for flavour.

Paired up with an Aromamizer V2, the flavour and clouds that come from these coils are sublime.

Best coils by far

These are the best coils by fat I have ever had flavour off them are insane along with the clouds in a drag 3 with a fat rabbit rta now moving to a lost vape thelema with a blaze can't wait to see how that turns out

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