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Coils by Scott Fralien Clapton 0.09

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Handmade by Scott, this is for a set of (2) Framed Staple Alien Claptons (Fralien).

  • 6 x .4 ribbon framed with 28G then alien claptoned with 36G
  • Dual Coil 0.09 Ω (approx)
  • Single Coil 0.18 Ω (approx)
  • 5 wraps
  • 3mm Inner diameter 
  • Full N80


Crafted in the UK, these premium coils are made from the finest grade wire and are thoroughly cleaned post-production. The Alien Claptons are renowned for their exceptional flavor delivery and the ability to produce voluminous clouds.

Intended for

  • Mechanical mods 
  • High wattage regulated devices.

With the proper installation and care these coils can last two months plus.