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Kanzi - Bottle Shot® Bundle

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Ever tried Kanzi with Koolada? Now you can get this beautifully sweet and smooth candy vape with an ice cold kick.
Strawberry and watermelon with a dash of kiwi and marshmallow, expertly blended by recipe creator Barrie Hetherington. 
This starter pack includes:
1 x 250ml Bottle Shot 
1 x 250ml Base Mix (High VG)
1 x Free dropper cap
1 x Koolada 10ml shot
4 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) = 3mg Total
This includes everything you need! Just add your ingredients to the Bottle Shot and shake to mix!
Great as a shake and vape but benefits from a 7+ day steep time.
Do not breathe the liquid (leave the top off for extended periods) because fruit flavours will fade.
CAP Super Sweet 0.7% 
TFA Marshmallow 4% 
FW Strawberry Kiwi 5% 
CAP Sweet Strawberry 3% 
CAP Sweet Watermelon 7% 
Total 19.7% 

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