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Koolada - Flavour Concentrate

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Size: 30ml

Use our wide range of flavour concentrates to mix and match and create your own unique blends!

TFA Koolada (Menthyl Methyl Lactate) is used as an additive in e-liquid. It gives a cooling effect similar to menthol, but without the taste of mint. This is a vital ingredient for Slush flavours and other fruity summer vapes. DarkStar's tip of the day: do not mix this with Custard, it's worse than it sounds!

Remember, taste is subjective. We recommend using TFA Koolada in recipes at anywhere between 0.5% and 4%. We recommend the average mixer start at 1% and adjust to suit their tastes.

Customer Reviews

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Miss Fox

I enjoy Koolada flavours but find that all except one commercial juice manufacturer uses too much of it and it tends to have the effect of "sitting on the back of my throat" and makes me feel sick to my stomach.
I haven't had any of those problems with TFA Koolada.
Adding it to recipes at a concentration of 2% adds a slight cooling effect that persists for a time after the exhale. It really works great in "slushie" recipes with other fruits and can be used to take the dryness out of dark fruit recipes or anything containing TFA Grape Candy, TFA Passion Fruit or TFA Blackberry.
I would advise adding a little sweetener, around 1%, to your recipes with this in just to make the fruits "pop" a bit more in the mouth as the cooling effect can sometimes overpower the fruits.

Cool vape

Highly recommend if your mixes are not quite cool enough for you works well and has no taste to interfere with other flavours your using if like me you like or menthol very icy and this is not enough which for most people it will be you can also get koolade ws-5 which is a stronger version of this not sure if dark star does it but other websites do


Based on the description I thought this is going to be the arctic in my mouth when vaping... not really.
I used this flavour in a 10% concentration and it was a bit cool but nothing compared to Blue Ice for example. Still a nice flavour to have for your mixing kit

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