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Koolada23 (WS-23)

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WS-23, represents a key ingredient for those seeking to add a cooling sensation to their e-liquids. Unlike menthol, WS-23 offers a unique attribute: it achieves its cooling effect without imparting any taste or odour.

The Distinct Character of WS-23

What sets WS-23 apart is its ability to integrate seamlessly into any e-liquid, enriching it with a cool sensation without altering the original flavour profile. Provided as a PG-based concentrate, WS-23 ensures that users can enjoy a comprehensive cooling effect that's both refreshing and unobtrusive.

Advantages of Using WS-23

WS-23 is a versatile, flavour enhancing product with a wide range of applications. Regardless of the e-liquid flavour, but perfectly enhancing fruit and beverages in particular, WS-23 can complement it without conflict, preserving the essence of the original taste.

Customisable Cooling

Catering to individual preferences is simple with WS-23. Users can adjust the intensity of the cooling effect, ranging from a mild chill to an arctic blast, by controlling the concentration levels (0.2 - 4%) added to the e-juice.

Efficiency and Economy

Due to its potent nature, only a modest amount of WS-23 is required to achieve the desired cooling effect. This efficiency translates to both cost-effectiveness and longevity of use, ensuring that users can enjoy the coolness without fretting over the cost.

Whether you're looking to revitalise a familiar flavour or experiment with new combinations, WS-23 offers a straightforward solution. By simply adjusting the amount of WS-23 added to your e-juice, you can tailor your flavour to match your cooling preference. This flexibility and ease of use underline the appeal of WS-23 as a must-have component in any vaper's arsenal.

Incorporating Koolada23 (WS-23) into your vaping routine not only refreshes your palette but also enhances the overall satisfaction derived from each vape. With Koolada, the cooling sensation elevates the experience without overshadowing the flavours you love.


Koolada23 (WS-23) stands as a revolutionary addition to the vaping world. Its ability to deliver a pure and adjustable cooling sensation without affecting the flavour or aroma of e-liquids positions it as a versatile and valued choice among vape enthusiasts. Dive into a cooler vaping journey with WS-23 and transform each puff into a refreshingly crisp experience. Use our wide range of flavour concentrates to mix and match and create your own unique blends!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between WS-23 and menthol?

A: WS-23 provides users with a cooling sensation, without the menthol taste acting as a flavour enhancer for your e liquid and creating an authentic flavour for those usually considered to be 'cold'.

Q: How much WS-23 should I use?

A: Remember, taste is subjective. We recommend using Koolada23 in recipes at between 0.2-4%. Remember to start low - this is potent stuff! You can always add more but you cannot take away!

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