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Bubblemint Candy - Bottle Shot®

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Take your senses to Cloud 9 with this beautiful bubblegum candy complimented with soft spearmint, expertly blended, sweet, unique, refreshing and moreish. Enjoy!

Our Bubblemint Candy Bottle Shot contains 50ml (20%) of concentrate to make 250ml of finished liquid.

1. Add nic shots (if you're using them)

 If using 10ml Nicotine Shots (18mg):
2 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 1.5mg Total
4 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 3mg Total
8 x Nicotine Shots (18mg) in a 250ml Bottle Shot = 6mg Total

2. Top up to the 'shoulder' of the bottle with base mix. We recommend our Original Base Mix for a 70/30 ratio.
3. Give it a good shake
4. The most important part - let it steep. For our Bubblemint Candy Bottle Shot, we'd give it 48 hours for maximum flavour.
5. Enjoy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
One of my absolute favourites

This is one of my absolute favourites, reminds me of the bubblegum golf balls I used to get as a kid, phenomenal. This for me is one thats definitely up there as an adv

My ADV (All Day Vape)

This is the one that hits the spot for me and it's the one I always come back to.

When mixed as intended is near perfect.

Personally i like a little stronger flavours so I add 0.5% TFA Spearmint & 1% TFA Bubblegum and I just then never get fed up of the stuff.

It really does taste like its name suggests (Spearmint Bubble gum), without been over powering, even though I add that little bit extra to it.

There's no harsh, bitter or unwanted after taste to it, unlike a lot of liquids.

What more can I say, other than I fully recommend giving this a try.

The best

By far the best I've tried from DARKSTAR. Nice sweet minty candy flavour. Tastes exactly how I imagined if not better. Can't recommend this enough.

One of they juices

Don't think kid change anything about this don't fancy adding koolada tbh as it's an adv for sure.. Delicious...
Rest of review what stravs said below sums it up.

Deliciously addictive!

I've had 2 bottleshots of this juice now, and it's just beautiful.

Exactly as Stravs says in their review, just like those little mint gum balls.

I recommend adding at least 4 koolada shots if you're into that, because the taste of them fades very fast.

Trying to find something else to vape to avoid vapers tongue is a nightmare though, nothing hits the spot for me like 5this juice does.