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Nicaraguan Viso Jalapa - NET Concentrate

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Size: 30ml

Nicaraguan fillers are world famous, and for good reason! Their soil and climate offers a distinct flavour and a certain “kick” that many cigar smokers know and love. Our Nicaraguan Viso Jalapa NET is aged to perfection. Being a mid-range filler type, the Viso adds a combination of body and flavour to a cigar.

When bunched together, Viso tobacco leaves make up most of the filler in a hand-rolled cigar, while the Jalapa tobacco gives it more of “punch”.

This leaf is grown from the Criollo 98 tobacco seed, comes from the region of Jalapa. This remote region near Honduras is known for its humid microclimate, and sandy soil that is very similar to the Vuelta Abajo or Pinar del Rio region in Cuba. These soft, reddish coloured leaves carry a sweet strength and aroma, and a smooth and elegant texture.

We recommend mixing out Pure NET Flavours at 25%.

This particular NET pairs really well with Brandy, Calvados and Cognac.