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Atomic Green Goo - One Shot

by Cosmix
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£7.95 - £119.95
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Size: 30ml

When a nuclear spacecraft crashed into the apple and kiwi fields of Earth, the radioactive fuel combined the flavours into this intense and unique blend of apple, kiwi and absinthe.

Our One Shots are intended for DIY and large batch mixing. They are essentially flavour concentrates, mixed by us at DarkStar to create a delicious final recipe by adding extra ingredients like VG, PG and nicotine.
  1. Measure out your one shot. For Atomic Green Goo, we recommend that it takes up 25% of your recipe.
  2. Add your next ingredients: the desired nicotine amount and preferred VG/PG ratio until you have created a finished product.
  3. Shake thoroughly and leave to steep! We'd give it 48 hours for maximum flavour.
  4. Enjoy!
** Remember - our One Shots are PG based concentrates, so you'll need to account for that when coming up with your recipe so that you get the final VG/PG ratio that you're looking for.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great taste

I bought an apple-flavored liquid years ago that was great but expensive and I've been trying to find an equivalent DIY ever since. I tried Granny Smith, Apple Candy, Sour Apple, Fuji Apple, etc. - you name it. Some were good, some were bad, as far as my own personal taste goes, but none were remotely similar. But I had a feeling with this one and it paid off. It tastes like that elusive liquid I really liked and it's just great. I made three bottles, the one I'm vaping right now steeped for only a day and it's still great, so this is definitely an immediate favorite for me.


this one is a winner , everyone i've made it for loves it , good job


Remember the "You've been Tangoed" adds? This does the same to your tastebuds. Big flavour. Good stuff - i'm getting more.

Really Good..

I like apple & kiwi but was put off by the absinthe. Thought I'd give it a bash anyway. I'm glad I did. The absinthe sits nicely in the background & doesn't over power the other flavours. The apple is the dominant flavour for me but it doesn't drown out the kiwi. Nicely, blended, lovely vape. Highly recommended ?

been waiting for flavour like this

the best apple flavour its sweet with lil sour but apple come though very nice steep time is right but after 2weeks wow ,if you like apple then this one if for you

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