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Lemon Tart - One Shot

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£7.95 - £119.95
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Size: 30ml

Deliciously bright and flavourful. A perfectly balanced and hugely popular Lemon Tart flavour.

Our One Shots are intended for DIY and large batch mixing. They are essentially flavour concentrates, mixed by us at DarkStar to create a delicious final recipe by adding extra ingredients like VG, PG and nicotine.

  1. Measure out your one shot. For Lemon Tart, we recommend that it takes up 20% of your recipe.
  2. Add your next ingredients: the desired nicotine amount and preferred VG/PG ratio until you have created a finished product.
  3. Shake thoroughly! Lemon Tart is great as a shake and vape, but we'd give it 1 week to steep for maximum flavour. Do not breathe the liquid (leave the top off for extended periods) because fruit flavours will fade.
  4. Enjoy!
** Remember - our One Shots are PG based concentrates, so you'll need to account for that when coming up with your recipe so that you get the final VG/PG ratio that you're looking for.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Why me.

I've been stuck on the same flavour for a while now so ordered some of this mainly due to the positive reviews despite it being more expensive than my usual go-to.
I'm afraid I can't taste much to be honest. Seriously disappointed as I was expecting & hoping for a taste explosion from what I read.
Even after 2 weeks of the first mix I made the lack of taste of any lemon is still the same. I get a taste of something but it doesn't smack of lemon unfortunately.
I have steeped another mix for a couple of weeks so far so hopefully it gets better by the time I start using that in a couple more weeks.
Either that works, I have to face the fact that I'm simply numb to this vape, or, I have to seriously throw this liquid in to my mix at a high % and hope I get something from it. Which will be expensive, but if it works it'll be worth it as otherwise it's going into my future vapes as just a filler.
I'll update this review if it gets better.


Bought this for my mother as she likes lemon flavours mixed 2 100ml bottles 70/30 pg/vg 6mg left for 1 week omg amazing both of us love it rich sweet lemon tart fair play to creator will order again 5 stars

lemon tart

this is my go to daily vape.

never get a chance to steep it.


I mixed mine at 10 per cent and steeped for 6 weeks and now I think I'm addicted to it. Strong and sweet DO NOT STOP SELLING THIS PRODUCT


Absolute beauty of a recipe this one is. Hats off to the creator (nice one Mr anoyoums) great as a shake an vape took 30 ml out 1st bath to try whilst steeping for a week. One blast an fell in love ordered more within minutes lol. Left rest to steep for 3 weeks an omg the flavours so much better so deep an rich an fulfilling vapour clouds. Defo one for the lovers of finer things. Good price for the amount a 30ml bottle makes mixed at 15% to