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Strawberry (Ripe) - Flavour Concentrate

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Size: 30ml

Use our wide range of flavour concentrates to mix and match and create your own unique blends!

A fresh, ripened fruity strawberry flavour by Flavor Apprentice. This flavour pairs well with TFA Strawberry or Capella Sweet Strawberry, often used with either in equal proportions to make a realistic strawberry taste that lingers in your mouth. This strawberry is one of our favourites to date, and an absolute essential ingredient to have in any mixers cupboard.

Remember, taste is subjective. We recommend using TFA Strawberry Ripe in recipes at approximately 5%, and for single flavour recipes at 10%.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nice strawberry

'- I tried some of the strawberry ... but this Ripe taste and smells like what i have in the garden. :D

Miss Fox
Best Strawberry available!

Authentic, juicy and delicious, this is what we all wish store bought strawberries tasted like. Except they don't, they're always watery and rubbish but that's a topic for a rant elsewhere!
Aaaaanyway, Strawberry is one of those flavours than many people seem to struggle with tasting somewhat and can be really prone to muting. I've not had any of those problems with this flavour and ONLY this flavour which makes it a staple of my flavours box! Trust me, I've tried every other Strawberry flavour out there and they all seem either weak or lacking in vibrancy to me. Some I can't taste at all!
I've found using this alongside TFA Apple and 1% MTS makes a great adv.
It works great in every recipe I've used it in, I haven't got a bad word to say about it! It's an essential for anyone starting out or experienced in DIY E Juice in my opinion.

Highly recommended

This is my fiance's ADV. It's a very fruity, well balanced concentrate which has formed the basis of many of my more successful blends. Tastes great with 2 or 3 drops of Koolada per 100ml and a little splash of TFA Cotton Candy (aka Ethyl Maltol).


I really like this vape, just like the other reviews it's a real strawberry flavour, unlike the other reviews I only let my juice brew for 24hrs and this is still beaut.

Nice strawberry flavour

I let this brew for 3 months as I find it is the best length to get the best flavour from it. It really is just like eating a strawberry the taste is amazing

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