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Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - Flavour Concentrate

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£3.50 - £72.00
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Size: 30ml

Use our wide range of flavour concentrates to mix and match and create your own unique blends!

There are no substitutes for TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. This flavour is incredible. It's creamy, has a beautiful vanilla taste and works incredibly well with almost any fruit. Alternatively, you can use this flavour with cakes, pies, even biscuit recipes. One of the most versatile concentrates we've ever discovered.

Remember, taste is subjective. We recommend using TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream in recipes anywhere from 1-8%, and for single flavour recipes between 6% and 10%.

Customer Reviews

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Juliet Kirkwood
Best vanilla flavour I've come across 😋🥰😶‍🌫️

I've tried so many vanilla flavours as I've been mixing my own juice for over 7 years now.
The vanilla bean ice cream is just the best! Sometimes I have it just on its own in a 10% flavour mix (PG:VG 50:50, 6mg nicotine) which is a lovely suble cloud, tolerated well by all the non-vapers in my household.
But it also goes well mixed with apple, oatmeal cookie and maple syrup to produce a more complex pudding flavour, I prefer to make that a bit stronger at 15% flavour (PG:VG 60:40, 6mg nicotine).
I've been a customer of DarkStar for years and their products are excellent, always a speedy delivery and highly responsive and polite customer service. It is no surprise to me they keep winning awards...