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KANZI - Open Recipe

KANZI - Open Recipe

Today, we're going to share with you a delicious recipe that's sure to entice your taste buds — Kanzi!

Kanzi is a renowned blend that captures a harmony of sweet and juicy notes, much like it's namesake, the Swahili word for 'hidden treasure’. Crafting this flavour involves a precise mix of fruity elements that, when combined, deliver a tantalizingly tropical punch with every vape.

Making the Kanzi flavour requires a careful balance of flavours. Here's the recipe:

CAP Super Sweet: 0.7%
TFA Marshmallow: 4%
FW Strawberry Kiwi: 5%
CAP Sweet Strawberry: 3%
CAP Sweet Watermelon: 7%

This perfectly proportioned blend represents 19.7% of your E Liquid, with the remaining 80.3% consisting of your chosen ratio of Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, and nicotine if desired.

For those who like to keep things straightforward, the DarkStar Base Mix is a convenient option. It comes in different VG/PG ratios like 70/30, allowing you to create a final E Liquid with a balanced 50/50 ratio, or a high VG mix that can give you a final ratio of 70/30, according to your liking.

Once you've mixed your Kanzi E Liquid, patience is key. Allow the concoction to steep for a full seven days. Steeping is like aging wine; it allows the flavors to mingle and mature, resulting in a deeper, more cohesive taste profile.

After the steeping period, prepare for a symphony of sweetness with every inhale. The fresh embrace of strawberries and the luscious allure of kiwi will dance on your palate, while the underlying notes of watermelon and a hint of creamy marshmallow richness provide a luxurious depth to the flavor.

The incorporation of Super Sweet capstones the blend with a gentle kiss of sweetness, ensuring that hitting the Kanzi E Liquid is a delightful and satisfying experience.

So, vape connoisseurs, gather your ingredients and embark on the journey of creating the Kanzi flavor — a treasure chest of fruity delight waiting to be discovered! Whether you're a DIY beginner or a seasoned mixer, this recipe is set to become a staple in your E Liquid collection. Happy vaping!
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