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Twister Lolly Open Recipe

Twister Lolly Open Recipe

we're diving into the sweet and tangy world of DIY e liquid crafting. And not just any blend, oh no – we're concocting a summer staple, a twist on a classic frozen treat that'll send your senses into a delightful frenzy.

I present to you the Twister Lolly. Original recipe by Sarana Holland.

Now, before you go running to the vape shop, ready to shell out for a pre-made option, let me stop you right there. Why buy when you can DIY? Especially when DarkStar has all the concentrated essence you'll need create this fantastic flavour.

Without further ado, let's mix up a storm, shall we?


TFA Bavarian Cream 3%,
CAP Golden Pineapple 2%,
TFA Key Lime 4%
TFA Koolada 0.5%
INW Strawberry Shisha 4%
TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 2%

This combination of flavours combine to create your concentrated base.

Now onto the blend! This concentrate should make up precisely 20% of your liquid. What about the rest, you ask? Well, it's time to tailor your concoction to your liking, using your preferred ratio of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol.

For those who wish to keep it simple, there's the ever-trusty DarkStar Base Mix. It comes in a 70/30 VG/PG mix that'll whip up a final potion of 50/50 for a smooth throat hit, or high VG for more vapour production.

Don't forget, top up with DarkStar nicotine shots to dial in that nicotine strength to your pleasure.

And just like that, you've got yourself a bottle of summer that doesn't require chasing after the ice cream truck. 

For more eliquid recipes from DarkStar, check out the rest of our blog.

Happy crafting!

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