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Extreme Ice - Flavour Concentrate

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£3.50 - £80.00
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Size: 30ml

Use our wide range of flavour concentrates to mix and match and create your own unique blends!

FW Extreme Ice is a vivid and very icy menthol flavour.

Remember, taste is subjective. We recommend using FW Extreme Ice in recipes at approximately 3%, and for single flavour recipes at 5%.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I note comments here about TCP which is close but not quite correct... Do you remember an antiseptic cream that was called Germalene?
It had a strong and unmistakeable ghastly aroma. This flavour concentrate is an EXACT replica. The smell and taste are identical. It's truly awful.

As advertised.

Very minty, very cold. As the name would suggest. I added it at about 12-15% and it's almost too much. Will buy again. It is a little "TCP'y" but that's my fault for adding too much - they recommend 4-9%.

Strong & Minty

If you like the taste and menthol-like sensation of mouth wash, this one is for you. It's very, very minty and has a balanced coolness. My fiance loves this stuff and it mixes very well with deep fruity flavours, especially blackcurrant, to create a cough/throat sweet flavour.

stephen laing
extreme ice

i find it hard to fathom out some people......"tastes of tcp"
some people really need to learn how to mix properly
this is superb, its all we vape now, highly recommend
more like ice menthol, the secret is in the mix to make it taste great

Taste like Listerine mouthwash similar to v-jui...

Taste similar to V-juice deep Freeze which if you've never used it tastes very much like mouthwash this concentrate even more so very Listerine tasting with a strong menthol after blast works well in mixes at very small percentage 2% or will overwhelm other flavours your using, some may be able to vape this straight but I wouldn't advise it as the mouthwash taste is so strong would be unpleasant to say the least but good for mixing in small amounts

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